What if you could build a practice that suits all of your personal wellness goals and objectives – from learning the poses and getting comfortable with the sequence, to working on that skill you want to nail or prepping your team with target based conditioning so you are in top shape come game day – all while getting live feedback and guidance from a certified instructor as you do it?


That’s what our sessions are all about – we are here to serve you a customized practice to fit whatever your need – from skill building to just having fun.

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With a maximum of 5 participants per class you will receive the personalised attention you deserve to reach you goals and move with confidence.

Reformer Control 

This reformer class will condition your entire body. This is a full body class that will focus on spinal mobility, core stability, along with arm and leg strengthening. This is sure to be your favourite 

Reformer Jump

This class has it all. Get your heart rate pumping and increase your cardio. A great all round class for the heart, body and mind.

Reformer Circuit

Perfect your Pilates practise in a fun and functional way. This class incorporates  the reformer, Mat, & Bosu in a circuit that will challenge the bodies balance, strength and functional movement.

Reformer Control & Flow

Walk tall, reduce the risk of falls and improve balance, control, and flexibility with this Pilates Reformer/Mat fusion Class. With a focus on mobility, you will learn how to connect breath and movement all while releasing the muscles with the foam roller and trigger balls.

Private Pilates Consultation

Private Pilates Consultations are all about you!  

On your first visit to the studio you will be guided through an initial consultation to look at your goals and specific movement requirements. 

 From these findings a customised pilates program will be designed to facilitate your goals.  Your program will be progressive, increasing in challenge as required. 

You will be introduced to a full range of Pilates apparatus including the reformer, trapeze, spine corrector and wunda chair. 

Package inclusions:

Customised Pilates Program

Private Pilates Sessions

1 x goal setting session per month

Wellness Journal ebook

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