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Inspired Pilates Collective is all about keeping it simple so our Terms and Conditions are all in the one place.



General Terms


Class Packages


Refunds and Transfers

Class Booking Cancellations





“Inspired Pilates Collective”, “IPC”, “We” “Us” “Our” all mean Inspired Pilates Collective (ABN 37645699645).

“You, Your” means anyone using the physical premises, website, email, or interaction with Inspired Pilates Collective and it’s representatives.

“Studio” means the physical location of Inspired Pilates Collective at Brisbane City FC, 42 Newbery Street, Newmarket Queensland 4051.

“Services” refer to the provision of Pilates related services at the Studio.

“Studio Bookings” means Studio Bookings, the third party booking software utilised by Inspired Pilates Collective.

“Stripe” refers to Stripe Payments, a the third party payment processor contracted by Inspired Pilates Collective for online transactions and direct debits.

“Website” means and all content and branding contained within.

“Membership” means Monthly Membership contract clients. “in writing” and “by email” in regards to contacting us refers to the email address:


You are deemed to have accepted the Terms by continuing to use this Website and/or IPC Studio facilities and services. If at any time you disagree with these Terms and Conditions please immediately cease use of our Studio, Services and Website and feel free to contact us in writing by email to discuss.

The Terms are governed by the laws of the state of Queensland Australia and any disputes will be resolved in this jurisdiction.

All agreement fees include goods and services tax (GST). Your fees will change in line with any government GST rate changes.

We may make changes to these Terms and Conditions from time to time and will make all reasonable efforts to maintain accurate information on this website and publicise these to customers via our newsletters. Subscribe to stay up to date or regularly check the site. Membership Policy updates will be communicated by email directly to all active members 30 days prior to the update taking effect.

Personal effects storage in the Studio will be cleared at the end of each day and while every effort will be made to return identifiable items, we accept no loss or damage liability. Any unclaimed items will be disposed of at our discretion after 4 weeks.

Class schedules / Instructors / Pricing may be changed at any time at the discretion of IPC, without prior notice and will be updated on the website.


It is understood by using our Services that you agree the responsibility for your health and wellbeing belongs entirely to you. All physical activity and exercise carries a degree of personal risk, which you accept. Our Instructors are providing guidance only, and you agree that the ultimate responsibility for your wellbeing during exercise belongs to you. 

You agree to follow Pilates instruction provided by IPC Instructors when participating in a class in the Studio. You can and should discontinue exercise at any time you fee uncomfortable or concerned. You agree to inform IPC and your class Instructors of any pre-existing conditions, injuries, medical risks that may affect your ability to perform Pilates exercises. This should be advised before the start of any class. 

All class participants are required to sign a liability waiver upon booking and before participating in your first class. You may choose not to sign this waiver in which case you also choose not to use any of our services or participate in any Workshops or Events. 

You agree to seek advice from a medical professional about the suitability of Pilates for your circumstances before commencing to use our services.


Foundation memberships are those taken up prior to the opening the studio on 10th January 2022.  These memberships are 30% cheaper than regular pricing.  Foundation Membership pricing remains for the duration of your membership with the studio.  If you cancel your membership your forfeit this membership price, and are not eligible for the foundation membership price if you wish to rejoin the studio.


For a monthly automatic payment your membership provides you with the following:

Move: 8 classes per month at Inspired Pilates Collective

Shine: 12 classes per month at Inspired Pilates Collective

Believe: 16 classes per month at Inspired Pilates Collective

Mini Membership: 10 classes per month at Inspired Pilates Collective

Terms and Conditions: By taking up a Monthly Membership you agree and acknowledge acceptance of Inspired Pilates Collective’s Terms and Conditions. Full Terms and Conditions, including this Agreement, are located online at and apply to all clients attending the Studio and using Inspired Pilates Collective.

Recurring Payments: Membership payments are debited monthly (30 days) from first purchase date via your nominated bank account or credit/debit card. You agree to ensure sufficient funds in your bank account or card for payments each month. Debits are attempted for 3 consecutive days and continued failure of payment will result in a suspension of your pass until all payments (including failed payment fees) are up to date.

Freeze periods: Your membership can be placed on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 2 months.

Cancellation: To cancel a monthly membership, please contact the Studio in writing by email at least 5 days prior to your next membership payment. In the case of permanent sickness or injury resulting in an inability to attend Pilates classes at the Studio we will cancel your Pass from the date of receipt by the Studio of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner. 


All Class Packages are pre-paid, valid for a maximum term, are subject to expiry, and non transferable and/or shareable. 

The following expiry terms apply from the date of purchase: 

Intro Offer – 7 days 

Single class – 30 days 

5 pack – 2 months 

10 pack – 3 months


We do not offer general refunds, or transfers to another person, for any unused or expired Pilates class passes or memberships. 

In the case of permanent sickness or injury we will refund any unused Pilates classes for package holders and cancel the Monthly Membership for holders from the date of receipt by the Studio of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner. 

Retail sales are non-refundable however can be exchanged for another product of the same value, provided the item(s) are in an unused condition with tags still attached and the original receipt.



Class sizes are limited so this cancellation policy is in place not to penalise, but to free up spots for other clients and to respect Instructors time and availability.

Group Class Booking Cancellations and No Shows:

  • Online booking closes 30 minutes before class.

  • All cancellations are to be actioned online through your class schedule, or by email.

  • The cancellation timeframe is 12 hours prior to the scheduled start of the class that you would like to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled start of class are free of charge. Cancellations less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled start of class are deemed a Late Cancellation.

  • Entry to Class may be denied from the scheduled start time of each class – so please be on time for your class. Failure to be present and registered within the studio prior to a scheduled class time, or to action a Late Cancellation shall be deemed a “No Show”. 

  • In the event of a Late Cancellation or No Show we may offer your class booking to another individual. This does not affect the Late Cancellation or No Show charges or fees relating to your account.

  • For Class Package Holders who action a Late Cancellation a class pass will be charged from your package.

  • For Class Package Holders deemed to No Show a class pass will be charged from your package.

  • For Monthly Membership holders who action a Late Cancellation or No Show the class will be charged from your membership.


Private Booking Cancellation or No Show:


  • All cancellations are to be actioned online through your class schedule or by email.

  • The cancellation timeframe is 24hrs prior to the start of the class that you would like to cancel or reschedule

  • For cancellations inside of this timeframe, referred to as a Late Cancellation, payment will be required for the session.

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