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Meet me at the Barre!

What is barre? It it suitable for me? Do I need to be a dancer to do barre??

All about our new barre classes.

Barre (pronounced as in "wine bar" :) fuses elements of ballet and pilates into a full body, endorphin filled workout that enhances strength, balance and flexibility.

While it might seem suitable for only those in tutus, barre classes can be designed for people of all fitness levels and doesn't require any dance experience (or a tutu!).

Barre take elements from ballet that engage multiple muscle groups, like poses, movements and stretches, while using the barre as a prop for support.

Barre can also emphasise mindfulness, proper alignment, and breath control, creating a strong mind-body connection.

Our barre classes are designed to be fun, engaging and inclusive full body workouts.

Follow us to find out more about Barre at Inspired Pilates.

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