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Embrace mindful movement at our boutique pilates studio in Gaythorne, Brisbane.

We offer reformer pilates, matwork pilates, barre classes, personalised studio sessions and privates.

Our expert led classes are intimate and inclusive with a focus on good form so you can feel confident in your movement, and confident within yourself.


Woman doing mat pilates class

Bernd Heinrich

Movement is the essence of life.


At Inspired Pilates Collective, we embrace everyone's unique self.

Emma adapts the Pilates experience to your needs & abilities. 

Have an injury, no problem, Emma can modify the exercise to your requirements. 


With intimate and inclusive classes you get a workout that takes care of you.

Reformer Pilates

The 'fun' one.  Connect with your mind and body while safely building strength.


The 'Original'.  Focus on core strength, flexibility, and body awareness with a Matwork flow leaving you invigorated.


Barre fuses elements of ballet & Pilates into a heart pumping. endorphin filled program to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance.

Studio Sessions

'The all rounder'.  Use all the Pilates equipment and level up your pilates practice. 

Private Sessions

The complete personalised experience.  Available as a single or duet.

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At Inspired Pilates our memberships are designed to provide consistency and routine. 

We all need some 'me time'. 

Choose from one of our memberships and see how movement can inspire you.

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